EL&RO Jewellery is waterproof, hypoallergenic, nickel-free, lead-free and suitable to wear everyday and every night.


Our brand tagline is Jewellery Defined By Quality, but you might be thinking “okay, but what does that really mean?"

The sentimentality of jewellery has always been important to us. When we are designing, we are intentionally creating pieces that our customers can find connection with, pieces that become a wearable reminder of a loved one, special occasion, or a memorable moment in time. To create pieces that will last as long as the sentiment, we focus heavily on our quality. 
Some of you may not know that our co-founder Claire is a qualified jeweller and gemologist (a specialist in gemstones). She took making beaded jewellery (for fun) as a child and made it into a career, and then she co-founded a jewellery company. Claire has literally been designing and making jewellery for as long as she can remember! 
Having a co-founder as a qualified jeweller really gives EL&RO an advantage when it comes to ensuring our pieces are of the highest quality, so we had to ask Claire to explain this…
As you may have heard us mention before, the idea for EL&RO came about when we were living together in Newcastle (10+ years ago) and Gee bought a brass bracelet online. I was completing my qualifications in jewellery manufacturing, and I was horrified that she had spent so much money on a bracelet that was likely to tarnish, and turn black and green within a week (and it did!). From here, the idea of EL&RO was born. From the very beginning our focus has always been on creating high quality jewellery at an affordable price point, - it almost became our mission to save the 'Gee's of the world' from spending their hard earned money on jewellery that won't last.
Throughout my studies as a jeweller and gemmologist over the past 12 years, I have tried and tested every type of plating and metal combination I could to create our tried and tested quality that we use for all our pieces today. 
Along with our materials, our high quality is reflected in our finishes.

What does hypoallergenic mean?
Simply put, hypoallergenic means that the product is less likely to cause allergic reactions. It contains little to no potentially irritating alloys, and will never corrode, tarnish, or rust over time.

Our Finishes:
A big thing to note in jewellery that has been cheaply manufactured is that their finishes have been rushed. Most of the time, stones are glued in, polishing and plating has obvious marks, and details have been lost.
In creating our jewellery, it is important that care and time is taken with each piece so we can ensure it has been manufactured to the highest standard and quality. 
As a qualified jeweller, I have incredibly high standards when it comes to how our jewellery is finished. We follow a thorough quality control procedure to ensure our customers receive the best quality. We pay attention to the small details, polishing and plating has to be perfect, stones are set properly (not glued in), clasps and hinges are tight etc. 

Our Materials:
Our gold pieces are composed of sterling silver base metal with 3-micron 18k gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may), which is 12 x thicker than industry standards. On top of that, we use a nano-ceramic coating which not only aids in longevity and prevents our jewellery from tarnishing, but it also ensures our pieces are hypoallergenic.
Our sterling silver pieces are finished with rhodium plating. As part of the platinum family, rhodium plating our silver means your jewellery is more durable, more resistant to scratching and hypoallergenic.

We strive to use only the best materials, so the jewellery you are buying, wearing and gifting can be loved and adored for many years to come. Now you know you can trust us when we say our jewellery is defined by quality.