How we started EL&RO & why quality is important to us

Let’s take it back to 2011...

We were living together in Newcastle. I was working as an apprentice jeweller and Georgia had just left a fashion PR role and was trying something different in real estate.

I always knew I wanted to have my own jewellery brand but being from a manufacturing background I had NO IDEA where to start. I was working in the high-end jewellery space and as much as I loved the allure of sparkles and diamonds at 20 years old I wanted to create pieces that myself and my friends could actually afford.

One day Georgia came home to a parcel in the mail. She had bought herself a new bracelet for $100. She opened the box so excited and pulled out her new bracelet. The bracelet was a simple base metal chain with a fake crystal, held in by glue. My jaw must have hit the floor as I was so shocked at the lack of quality. She asked me what I thought, and I kindly told her “I hope you spent $5 on that. Your arm will be green within a week”.

We spoke about this more over the next few months and decided that between Georgia’s business knowledge and my jewellery background we could start a fine jewellery business together. With quality our top priority, at a price point we and our friends could afford.

The only issue being we weren’t ready. I was halfway through a 4 year apprenticeship and barely had enough money to feed myself let alone start a business.

So, for years we tossed up ideas, trialled designs and planned our future business.

Fast forward to 2016. We had both found our way to Sydney. The idea of starting our own business was still incredibly strong (although was taking longer than we thought). I was studying Gemmology and Georgia and I decided that when my course finished and time was on our side, we would finally start our business together. So the detailed planning began!

After years of making the pieces ourselves, testing manufacturers, testing plating options and materials to see what worked the best and, what had design limitations we launched our business together in March 2017.

Over the last 4 years we have grown in so many ways but, what has always been important to us is continuing to grow and better our quality; as well as all other aspects of our business.

We do not want our jewellery to be a piece you buy once, and it falls apart. Our goal is still the same, to create high quality fine jewellery that is designed with meaning and handcrafted with intension. A keepsake piece, that if taken care of, will last a lifetime.